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At Market House Dental Practice we pride ourselves on the quality of care that we provide to our patients. Below are a number of case studies that explain how our patients have been supported.

Case Study 1

Pain and tenderness eased by custom-made biteguard

Jane came to visit Market House in an emergency. She needed dental treatment but was feeling anxious as she was about to go away on holiday and her usual dentist was off due to sickness. Jane was very worried about the pain and tenderness she was experiencing in the area of her mouth where she had recently had a crown fitted.

After warning us that she was a nervous patient who had recently been suffering from a lot of stress, we worked to ensure she was relaxed and calm before investigating the problem.

We discovered an inflammatory reaction every time she bit her teeth together and closed her jaw. We used a mouth splint and adjusted her jaw, from which she felt immediate relief. Jane went home with some inflammatory painkillers and was able to look forward to her holiday. She even wore the quick splint on the plane! When she returned home we produced a custom-made biteguard, which has made a significant difference to her pain. She expressed that she was “over the moon” with the result of her treatment with us.

Case Study 2

Teeth grinding leads to preventative treatment plan

Neil visited Market House with a few teeth missing after not having visited a dentist in several years.

We discussed the wearing down of his teeth, whereby Neil assured us he didn’t grind them during the day, but understood that he could be unknowingly grinding his teeth at night. He told us that some teeth were tender to bite on and another had cracked, and that he didn’t want to lose any more!

Neil needed a number of treatments, including root canal therapy. To prevent any more damage to his teeth, we fitted a temporary bite guard for him to wear at night. Neil also required further restorative work to rebuild the teeth he still had. We created a personal made-to-measure mouth splint, after which Neil noticed he was instantly sleeping for longer and feeling more rested in the morning.

Subsequently, he went on to thoroughly enjoy his daughter’s wedding day pain-free!

Case Study 3

Pain relief gained using personalised nightguard splint

After a stressful year of Coronavirus lockdowns, being told her cancer had returned and that her daughter had been diagnosed as well, Laura felt that a bad toothache was the final straw. She told us that she had visited a dentist who had performed invasive treatments, which unfortunately had done nothing to relieve her dental pain. The pain was radiating from Laura’s mouth down to her neck and shoulders, and was keeping her awake at night.

Laura came to Market House and underwent a 30-second bite adjustment which eased some of the tension. We met her a few times subsequently, and created a personalised nightguard splint. During the following week we kept a close eye on Laura and within 5 days she reported feeling so much better with her pain completely gone.

Case Study 4

Patient amazed at impact of treatment

Simon, a busy financial consultant, came to Market House in 2019 in pain with an aching and clicking jaw; especially frustrating when he was talking to clients. Added to this, Simon told us he often felt that his mouth would fix open or closed, and that this was getting worse and causing a lot of worry.

After reviewing Simon’s condition, we fitted a quick splint which made his mouth feel so much better, but it hadn’t stopped the clicking. Further investigations led to Simon trying a temporary bite guard at night, which after only 5 months had totally relieved the clicking.

Amazed at the impact of the treatment, Simon was no longer worried about his jaw ‘sticking’ and no longer felt discomfort in his face. A true result!

Case Study 5

Instant relief from tension headaches

John came to visit Market House back in 2015. After an initial chat, we checked his mouth and discovered he had a pretty good oral hygiene routine and his mouth was in very good condition. So far, so good.

However, John mentioned that for several years now he had been woken in the night a few times a week with real tension headaches. This is where alarm bells began to ring; it’s a little known fact that as dentists we can diagnose and fix a lot more than just your teeth. We looked at John’s bone recession as he tended to brush very hard, but we suspected that his headaches were due to him unknowingly grinding his teeth and clenching his jaw in the night; a common activity which many people simply don’t realise they are doing. The medical term for this is ‘bruxism’.

At the next appointment John expressed concern over these headaches and believed they were down to anxiety, as he also experienced dizzy spells that he put down to not drinking enough water. He also had other symptoms that concerned him. We investigated and found that his teeth didn’t sit squarely on each other (his occlusion). We talked about the solutions we could provide, however John decided at this point he would ensure he drank more water and try to reduce his stress, and thereby stop the clenching at night.

Two years later, John decided he needed further help and asked to go ahead with our suggestion of wearing a biteguard at night to try and stop the tooth grinding and jaw clenching. We undertook a digital x-ray and created a basic temporary mouth guard which we made-to-measure, and from this John felt immediate relief!

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