The Problem

John came to visit Market House back in 2015. He had a pretty good oral hygiene routine and his mouth was in very good condition, however, John mentioned that for several years now he had been woken in the night a few times a week with tension headaches.

Treatment Plan

We started by looking at John’s bone recession as he tended to brush very hard. However we suspected that his headaches were due to him unknowingly grinding his teeth and clenching his jaw in the night; a common activity associated with stress, for which the medical term is ‘bruxism’. On investigation it was found his teeth were not sitting squarely on one another (his occlusion) and we discussed providing a biteguard to wear at night. John decided at this point he would try to reduce his stress and thereby stop the clenching at night.


Two years later John decided he needed further help and asked if we could go ahead with our suggestion of a biteguard to be worn at night. We undertook a digital x-ray and created a bespoke mouthguard, and from this John felt immediate relief from the clenching and grinding.

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