The Problem

13 year-old Lauren had been recommended by the hospital to have an unidentified mass surgically removed from her upper left molar region. A traditional 2D imaging modality had been used to come to this decision.

Treatment Plan

We contacted Lauren’s family to ask if they would like us to carry out a digital CBCT scan of Lauren’s mouth; this would provide a clearer image to better understand what the mass consisted of, and possibly save a healthy tooth or teeth which otherwise may have been removed.


Lauren came to us for the CBCT scan, which immediately indicated there were three healthy molars there, ready to come through as normal, and were simply taking their time.

We recommended the family delay the planned surgery and wait a little longer, and as we had predicted, within 6 months a very healthy upper 2nd molar tooth came through. With no surgery and no loss of any teeth, Lauren and her family were delighted with the outcome.

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