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Our passion in dentistry is quality of care and long-term restoration survival with great aesthetics. As a leading Chichester Dental Practice, we believe high-quality private dentistry over a lifetime is more cost and time-efficient for the patient than any other model of care.

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Always putting the patient first

We combine traditional values of care with the most up-to-date, best practice techniques.

Patient education forms a strong basis to our approach to treatment. Only the best result can be acceptable and our care and tenacity will ensure this is achieved.

We will take time to listen to you, discuss your options and choose together the most appropriate way forward.

We are open 5 days a week. If our patients have a problem over the weekend, our emergency service is second to none. Their point of contact is our dentist’s mobile phone.

A good number of our patients have been here for many years and have then introduced their family into the Practice as patients.

We also have many patients who live or work abroad for extended periods of time and we are experienced at managing their care. We accommodate treatment whilst in the UK. We are happy to help source recommended dental care for our patients in many  countries using our network. We are quite used to ringing Dubai, Singapore or Australia for our patients!

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Our experienced and professional team is always on hand to provide excellence in dental care, and the best possible advice, both before and after your treatment with us.

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Our patients come first


We believe high quality private dentistry over a lifetime is more cost and time efficient for the patient than any other model of care.

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that oral health contributes to your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Our approach is one of prevention with a view to the long term – we aim to ensure that our work will last years, often decades, and thus minimise the number of times you have to see a dentist in the future.

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