The Problem

Caroline presented to the practice after losing faith in her previous dentist. She was concerned about a persistent lump on her gum and feared she may lose one of her front teeth. Her dentist had prescribed two courses of antibiotics, but the lump persisted.

Treatment Plan

After a simple clinical and x-ray assessment, we discovered the previous root canal treatment in Caroline’s front tooth had failed, causing it to become re-infected. We discussed the problem with Caroline and suggested re-treatment of her root canal.


We carried out root canal therapy for Caroline over a series of straightforward visits, with no discomfort to the patient. We removed the old root canal filling, cleaned the canal system and placed an effective new root canal filling in its place.

The series of x-rays above show the initial large (dark) area of infection and how, over time, the bone repaired itself.

10 years later, Caroline still has a perfectly healthy front tooth.

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