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Replacement Crowns for Upper Front Teeth

It makes such a difference, I can't tell you. They look so much better than they have been forever!

Mrs HR Chichester

The Best They’ve Ever Been!

Garry had a bite adjustment, several fillings and 3 implants placed to replace several missing teeth. At his 6 month review his comment was "They're the best they've ever been"!

Garry S Gloucester

Implants – The Best Thing

The best thing I had done were the implants. There’re brilliant!

Sheila W Chichester

My Teeth have Improved Tremendously

Since I have started seeing you my teeth have improved tremendously

Caroline B Bognor Regis

Things Feel Absolutely Fantastic

I can't tell you how wonderful it is not to have pain in my mouth. For years my teeth hurt.
Visiting the dentist, it was scary. Frankly, since you have replaced my bad teeth, it has been wonderful.
Things feel absolutely fantastic.

Janet B-W Hambrook

Very, Very Pleased with the Implant

I am very, very pleased with the implant it is like it has always been there! Thank you so much, this was the last piece of the jigsaw.

Jonathan F Bosham

Tooth Cleaning Instruction Success

My teeth look and feel amazing. That's thanks to you. It is since that tooth cleaning instruction course, that all the improvement has happened, so thank you very much.

Beverley S Hayling Island

Upper Left Molar Comfortable Again!

"The tooth you fixed the other day is 100% better. So much better".
"My tooth feels great, I was able to have breakfast this morning, I have not been able to do that for over 8 months, well, since Covid really."

Paul West Sussex

Complex Tooth Removal Completed Painlessly

I was quite nervous coming in for the extraction appointment. However, it was perfectly comfortable whilst you were doing it and it was perfectly comfortable afterwards and I was eating on that side within a couple of days again. It was a great experience;
I would recommend it!! 5 stars!

Philip K Chichester

Feeling Great after Comprehensive Dental Restoration

My wife likes the look of them and I don't have to think about them anymore. My teeth have not felt so good for 25 years. There was always something feeling not right or going wrong. Now they are great!

Giles N Chichester

Painless Tooth Removal

I am very relieved that it was so quick and painless (contrary to what I was led to believe it might be).
I was very impressed with market House Dental Surgery overall.
Thank you once again - sincerely

Nicholas C Selsey

Most Wonderful Dentist

The dental work you performed has given me no problems at all. You are in a class of your own and quite the most wonderful dentist!

Jean S Pulborough

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