The Problem

13-year old Polly came to the surgery after her new adult upper lateral incisor teeth had failed to come through in the correct shape and size, giving a rather spiky appearance. Her teeth had also been straightened by her orthodontist, which had left Polly with some spaces between her teeth.

Treatment Plan

We discussed the treatment options with Polly; either to restore the tooth with a laboratory-made porcelain veneer or crown, or a simple bond composite (white filling) applied to her two upper lateral front teeth. As the patient was still young, we explained that the first option could possibly be destructive to the tooth tissue, and with years yet to grow they may not retain their aesthetic appearance by the time she reaches her 20’s. Therefore Polly opted for treatment which meant that no tooth structure would need to be removed, and bond composite (white filling material) was applied to her two upper lateral front teeth.


We cleaned Polly’s teeth and spent time carefully building them up with the composite bond to match the colour and shape of her adjacent teeth. In years to come, the patient can either choose to replace these, or move to a porcelain solution.

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