A wonderful way to greatly improve your smile, with minimal adjustment to your teeth.

Orthodontics refers to the process of moving your teeth to a better position. For example, if you have overlapping front teeth, rotated teeth or gaps you would like to close. Perhaps to move your teeth to a functionally better position so they last longer for you. 

If your teeth and gums are healthy, there are no age limits for orthodontic work. Once complete, you can enjoy the results for many, many years.

At Market House we offer two modern orthodontic treatments to improve your smile. This results in quicker treatment times, with minimal fuss or interruption to your daily life.

We offer cosmetic orthodontic treatments. Focused on your front teeth, this can result in much quicker treatment times but it is not suitable for everyone.

Please arrange a consultation with us to discuss your treatment options and find out if you are suitable.