The Problem

Rosemary came to the surgery feeling unhappy with the position of her teeth, particularly the angles of her upper front teeth, but also with the way in which her lower front teeth were weaving in and out. She had been aware of this condition getting worse over time, and was now keen to start corrective treatment.

Treatment Plan

We looked at various options for this patient. Rosemary preferred the idea of a quick but effective solution that wouldn’t damage her teeth. She did not wish to have fixed retained orthodontic work (train tracks).


We carried out treatment for Rosemary using a fast aligner system; in this case, the Inman Aligner. Whilst the Inman Aligner is a quick way to align a patient’s teeth, nowadays we would usually treat a case such as this with a Clear Aligner system, which has proved to be even less visible and easier for the patient to wear.

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