The Problem

At 86 years old, Sheila had always felt the white fillings she received in order to close a space between her upper front teeth, could look more aesthetically pleasing. Sheila visited the practice to find out how our dentist could help.

Treatment Plan

We advised Sheila on how we could remove the old, stained white fillings – not only on her lateral incisor tooth but also on the central incisor tooth next to it – and polish them back to their natural surface again. We explained how this would give us the space to simply re-apply composite bonding (a white filling) to the lateral incisor tooth. No drilling would be necessary for this procedure, and Sheila was happy to go ahead with the treatment.


We polished the old white fillings on both teeth back to the natural tooth surface. We carried out composite bonding to blend a new white filling to match the patient’s adjacent teeth. After treatment, Sheila reported how delighted she was to be able to smile confidently again.

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