The Problem

Caroline visited the surgery with an upper right side bridge that had succumbed to bad tooth decay and had to be removed.

Treatment Plan

We talked through the options with Caroline, who specified that she did not wish to have a gap in her teeth whilst treatment was ongoing, nor a restoration of the resultant space which would be removable. Caroline liked the idea of dental implant supported crowns, as these would fill the space, look aesthetically pleasing and would be a fixed solution; replicating the feeling of natural teeth.


We provided Caroline with a temporary solution, which ensured she did not have a gap in her teeth from the time the decayed bridge tooth was removed, to the time when the space was restored. For Caroline, the solution involved the placement of two Straumann dental implants, and at the same time we repaired the damaged bone ridge.

The photograph above shows how Caroline looked after the teeth were removed. The post-operative photograph is 8 years later, and the teeth are still looking great.

Since I started seeing you, my teeth have improved tremendously!

Caroline Chichester

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