State-of-the-art equipment for our patients


At Market House Dental Practice we are continually investing in state-of-the-art modern technologies to make your experience with us more comfortable and allow us to look after you in the most effective way.

Non-intrusive exploration

3Shape TRIOS 3 scanner

Since 2016, we have been using the most up to date technology to record a digital image of your mouth in the least intrusive way, using the wireless flexible digital 3Shape TRIOS 3 scanner. This small instrument allows us to view the inside of your mouth live on the screen where we can show you any problem areas and discuss a treatment plan specifically designed for you. In addition, this scanner can create a digital impression of your teeth, from which we can show you models of how the various treatment options would work best.

Demonstration videos

View the videos below to see our 3Shape TRIOS 3 scanner in action

Instant pain-free digital imaging

Vartech Pax-i3D Smart CBCT

If we need a detailed scan of your entire jaw, we use a digital 3D 3-in-1 scanner system; the Vatech Pax-i3D Smart CBCT. Together this enables us to view instant digital images of your entire jaw in 3D, totally pain-free and similar to how you would view an MRI scan, with no need for multiple scans.

This high quality detailed panoramic view of your teeth and gums, plus the bones and muscles around your face, means that we can see everything we need to see; thus enabling us to diagnose issues faster without the need for lengthy or uncomfortable x-rays.

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