Your oral health and mental health are more closely connected than you may think; in fact poor oral health can have a negative impact upon your mental health, whilst good oral health can help to improve it.

Poor dental health can knock back your confidence. You might feel embarrassed or ashamed of your teeth when you’re out and about, or you may find it hard to eat or drink when you’re with other people.

This may ultimately cause you to avoid socialising with others, which in turn can impact negatively upon your overall wellbeing.

Connect with other people

Good relationships give you a sense of belonging, help you find support and increase your self-worth. Try to take the following 4 positive steps:

  • Have lunch with a work friend
  • Go for a walk with a friend
  • Talk with your children or your partner at the dinner table, with your phones and your TV turned off.
  • Try a taster session volunteering for a local charity or organisation.

Dental health can affect your mental health. A good relationship with your dentist and dental team can go a long way towards achieving improved mental health and wellbeing.

An empathetic dentist will listen carefully to your dental concerns and discuss with you the treatment that is available for you.

“I’m afraid of the dentist”

Being afraid of the dentist is a very common phobia, and you are most certainly not alone! The key to coping with dental fears is to discuss your anxieties with the dentist. Once the dentist knows what your fears are, they will work with you to determine the best ways to make you less anxious and more comfortable.

Ask the dentist to explain what’s happening at every stage of the procedure; this way you can mentally prepare for what’s to come. Talk about establishing a signal such as raising your hand whenever you are uncomfortable, or need to rinse your mouth, or simply want to catch your breath.

Here our dentist Roger-James Scholes talks about how we can help you with your dental anxieties in order to make you less anxious and more comfortable when visiting the surgery.

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Please note, if you are struggling with your mental health or have any concerns, it’s important to talk to your doctor